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SeaTel ST94

SeaTel ST94

Code: SeaTel ST94

The Sea Tel ST94 is our next generation 2.4m (94") TV-at-Sea™ system. The reflector, radome design, RF components and the pedestal are based on our well proven 9497B system. It is the preferred system for users who require a large offshore operating area when space prohibits our ST144 system. The ST94 has undergone major tracking, reliability, and stability improvements.

The ST94 has reliable and proven MK2 electronics that are used in our XX09, XX10 and XX11 antenna systems. The MK2 electronics trusthave a host of improvements for improved productivity.

These include: LED indicators for troubleshooting, USB port for BlueTooth adaptor and digital control interface between the motor driver and PCU for improved communications. The level cage used in the predecessor systems has also been replaced by high accuracy accelerometers.

This allows for continuous calculation of position, orientation and velocity vector of a moving object without the need for external references. 

The micro-electromechanical (MEM) sensors used in Sea Tel’s antennas are based on the same technology currently being used in missile and aerospace technology around the world.

Much like its predecessor, the ST94 is available in C-band and Ku-band configurations or “dual-band” configuration that permits the same antenna to be used for both. The ST94 is designed and built to pass the U.S. Navy’s tests for vibration, shock and protection against RFI and EMI emissions.

Key Features

  • Industry proven MK2 electronics used on our TxRx systems
  • Integrated Brake Control PCB on the MDE PCB assembly.
  • Integrated GPS processing on the PCU PCB.
  • Integrated Pol Aux Relay on the PCU PCB assembly.
  • Digital Control Interface between Motor Driver and PCU for improved communications between the PCU and the Motor Driver.
  • LED indicators for reduced mean time to repair (MTTR).
  • USB port provided for remote troubleshooting and wireless operation allowing ease of access to antenna control and troubleshooting.
  • Accommodates multiple satellite receivers.
  • Unmatched stabilization accuracy allows the system to detect and correct the slightest motion affecting the antenna’s connection.
  • HD ready
Brand: SeaTel
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