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The mission of SeaCom is to provide innovative solutions in the field of Maritime Communications and Networks. This is the solution, which represents an increase in competitiveness, costs optimization and reduction of risks for our clients.

A top priority for our company is to achieve optimal customer satisfaction.

SeaCom helps to develop the professional growth of its employees by means of continuous learning, by care for the working environment of employees, creation of decent jobs and provision of economic and other certainties. The company requires a full, high-quality and professional work from its employees in order to satisfy its customers.

One of the basic tools, which allow meeting of these objectives, is the processing, establishment and maintenance of an efficient quality management system (QMS) at all levels of company management. QMS acts as a means for the fulfilment of the set objectives and the quality policy within all activities of the company.

SeaCom achieves these objectives through effective, productive and stable operation in accordance with the applicable laws and the improvement of its component processes affecting the customer satisfaction and product quality. We maintain good partnership relationships with our suppliers in order to strengthen the Quality policy.

The company’s management is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of QMS, including training of staff, understanding the importance and improving the quality, as well as the way of thinking and professional performance of the work.

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